Quality Gutters

Quality Gutters

Gutters are one of the most often forgotten maintenance areas of a home, yet are one of the most important. Faulty, overflowing gutters can lead to damaged insulation (lower energy efficiency), damaged structural lumber, termite infestations, excessive mold, and unhealthy landscaping. Greenawalt Roofing can replace your damaged gutters and downspouting. Most contractors use high-pressure sprays to clean gutter systems, which can damage your gutters. We inspect all gutters and downspouts and then remove debris by hand and leaf blower to ensure your gutters are left clean but undamaged.

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An alternative to gutter cleaning would be to install gutter guards. Gutter guards fit over the entire gutter, allowing water to pass through freely yet preventing debris from clogging the gutters. Contact us today to replace your damaged gutters or to install maintenance free gutter guards!

Halloween Roof Decorating Safety Tips

Halloween Roof Decorating Safety Tips

Planning to decorate your roof this Halloween? If so, you need to be careful about how you approach the project. Roof decorating injuries are common around Halloween and Christmas, and most of them can be avoided with some simple precautions.


Check out these Halloween roof decorating safety tips!

Always Work With A Partner

There should be at least two people involved with a roof decorating project at all times. The second person can act as a spotter on the ground to hold the ladder and watch for potential hazards, or he or she can provide extra support on the roof itself. If an accident does occur, having a second person on site will give you the best chance at getting help as quickly as possible.

Watch For Roof Damage

Discolored roof shingles or areas with missing shingles are accidents waiting to happen. These areas usually have weak substructure from leaking or general wear and tear. Before you walk on your roof, check for any areas that may have damage. Avoid stepping on these parts of the roof. Greenawalt Roofing Company would be more than happy to come out and assess your roof for you during a professional roof inspection.


Inspect Lights And Extension Cords Before Installing Them

Before you put electrical cords or lights on your roofing, make sure they are working and in good condition. Frayed wiring could easily set fire to your roof shingles, or they could damage the rest of your decorations from a shock or short in the wires. Even if you have used the same decorations year after year, you still need to look over them thoroughly before installing them on your roof.

Note: You should ALWAYS use outdoor lighting for your Halloween decorations. Indoor lighting is not designed to withstand the elements and could get damaged in a rain storm.

Protect Plugs From Potential Water Damage

One of the easiest ways to protect plugs for outdoor Halloween lighting is to wrap the intersecting areas with electrical tape. If you are plugging one cord into another, you can use electric tape to cover both parts of the plugs so water cannot get in between. You can always pull the tape off when you put the cords away for the year, but this will keep them safe outside.

Avoid hanging lights in areas where rain is likely to build up, like the edge of your gutters or the valleys in your roofing. You may also have a part of your roof that is more vulnerable to snow build-up than other areas based on how the wind hits it during a snowstorm. If you know of spots like this on your roofing, you should adjust your decorating plans to bypass that.

Use The Right Ladders

Your ladder should be sturdy, secure, and at least three feet taller than the entry point for your roofing. Make sure that there is someone at the base of the ladder to hold it while you climb up onto the roof. Approach the roofing from a damage-free area to ensure that the roof can hold your weight when you reach the top.


Know When You Need Help

If you cannot complete your Halloween roof decorations on your own, don’t risk it. You can hire professionals to decorate your roofing for you because they are sure to have the tools and equipment to get the job done right. Protect yourself and your family by requesting professional help when you need it, and your house is sure to be the talk of the block this Halloween!

Residential VS Commercial

Residential VS Commercial

You may think all roofs are the same, but they actually have different requirements and specifications. Residential and commercial roofing systems in particular have their own specific needs, so it’s important to understand their key differences. This will help guide you in choosing the perfect roofing system for your building.

Here are some of the key differences between residential and commercial roofs:

  • Installation: Depending on the structure’s size, commercial roofs can take weeks to install, while residential roofs typically only take only a few days. Commercial roofs tend to be more costly because they require specialized tools, materials, and safety equipment on site.

  • Slope: Residential roofing systems have steep slopes, which is why they are a key element to curb appeal. The covered areas are also smaller, which means the roof doesn’t put much pressure on the structure. Depending on the materials used, residential roofs are also easier to maintain. Commercial roofs, in contrast, have a slight or flat slope to accommodate structural changes, which means they aren’t visible from the curb. They tend to require more maintenance since they usually cover a larger surface area.

  • Materials: Roof materials for both commercial and residential roofing differ in cost and longevity. They also have their own recommended applications to deliver peak performance. Shingles, tiles, and slate are the most common materials used in residential roofing, as each of these sheds precipitation easily when installed on a steep slope. Commercial roofing usually uses a single-ply membrane or modified bitumen because these materials can cover large areas affordably, while still offering excellent performance.

Choosing a local roofing contractor that specializes in major residential and commercial roofing systems can help you take the right steps and make sound decisions for your property. Greenawalt Roofing can help you with all of your roofing projects.

Call us today at (717) 898-6000 for more information about our services. You can also ask to schedule a free estimate or hail inspection! We serve various areas in and around Lancaster, PA.

Fall Roof Replacement

Fall Roof Replacement

Fall is a great time of year. For roofers, the weather is cooler, which is a great relief from the hot summer season and up on the rooftops there is a phenomenal view of the leaves in changing colors!

Greenawalt Roofing crews can work long hours and get projects completed quickly without the risk for heat exhaustion. However, it’s not cold enough to interfere with any manufacturer’s recommended best installation practices, so we don’t have to worry about material problems due to low temperatures. If you’re considering roof replacement, fall is a prime time to get it done.

The Time is Right, Now!

All kinds of asphalt shingles have a strip of factory-applied adhesive on the underside of the shingle. When new asphalt shingles are installed, the adhesive is slowly warmed by the sun’s rays, causing each shingle to seal to the next course. This seal strip also creates much of a shingle’s resistance to wind uplift. If you’re not sure if your roof can make it through the coming winter, consider having an inspection done. You’ll receive an expert evaluation of your roof’s condition and recommendations to keep it in the best shape possible. Call us today at 717-898-6000 for prompt, efficient service from the most trusted roofing company in the Lancaster area.

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Dangers to Your Roof

Dangers to Your Roof

Your roof faces attacks from the elements and other threats on a daily basis. No matter how good your roofing is, it is still vulnerable to damage. Here are some of the most common dangers to your roofs integrity.


Tree Branches

If you have tree branches overhanging your roof, it is important to remember that gravity always wins; it is only a matter of time before they fall. Branches can also damage your roof by scraping the granules from your asphalt shingles whenever the wind blows. Tree branches also provide animals with access to your roof. The cover that tree branches provide may also keep moisture from evaporating quickly, thus causing water to accumulate. Pooled water can destroy your roof over time. You can take control of the situation by cutting branches down before they cause serious damage.

Roof Leaks

Leaks in your roof pose a major threat to its integrity. Water can damage rafters and ceiling joists. The wood can rot and deteriorate, which results in the need for expensive repairs. Over time, leaks increase the likelihood of a roof collapse. A collapsed roof is a threat to your safety and is costly to repair. Repair leaks as soon as you discover them to lower the risk of serious damage.


Humidity can cause water to condense on your roof if the roof is significantly cooler than the air around it. The rain is also a danger despite the fact that most roofs are built to withstand it. Rain can get into the plywood underlayment wherever there are cracked shingles and weak areas. Hail can damage the roof itself as well as the flashing while strong winds can blow shingles off your roof and create new ways for water to get in. To prevent weather damage, it is important to use quality waterproof materials and insulation when installing a roof.


Clogged Gutters

Ice, animals, and fallen leaves can all contribute to the problem of clogged gutters. Along with causing damage to your homes foundation, clogged gutters can destroy your roof. When gutters are backed up, they may hold water against your roof instead of depositing it elsewhere. The water can travel up under the shingles and into the plywood beneath. Try cleaning your gutters at least twice a year at the beginning of Spring and at the beginning of Fall. Doing it at these points in the year ensures that the leaves are dry and easy to move.


While leaves and twigs resting on your roof may seem harmless, the reality is that they can cause serious damage. Organic debris holds moisture, which will degrade your shingles and other roofing materials over time. If debris winds up in roof valleys, it can cause metal flashing to rust. In the summer, roof debris can create a fire hazard; this is especially the case around July 4th when errant fireworks can be an issue. It is a good idea to clear debris off your roof throughout the year.

Benefits of Hiring Locally

Benefits of Hiring Locally


Run a quick online search for roofing contractors and you’ll get results of all kinds. There are unique advantages, however, that hiring a local contractor can offer. Let us share with you some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you go local.


Obtaining a contractor’s license and insurance information, as well as contacts for references is easier when you work with a local contractor. You might even be able to visit homes in the area that your roofer has worked on before and examine their handiwork first-hand.


Local contractors are more familiar with local building codes, which means you won’t have to worry about your roof being torn down because of compliance issues.


Even if you haven’t hired one before, having a local roofing contractor’s number in your contacts list can be helpful if you need assistance after a storm. Dealing with storm damage doesn’t just include replacing damaged roofing systems, but also providing a temporary tarp after initial contact until the work can be done. Handling documentation from your insurance provider is also a benefit of working locally.


Every home has its own unique requirements and, therefore, deserves the full attention of the contractor working on it. Local roofers are simply better at providing that kind of attention, and not just on compliance level; we devote all the time needed to ensure the success of the roofing project. Being a small team, the owner and crews are knowledgeable about roofing work and take a hands-on approach to each project.

Experience the benefits of hiring local roofing contractors.

Call Greenawalt Roofing today at (717) 898-6000.

We serve many areas in and around Lancaster, PA.

Is it Time?

Is it Time?

Is it Time for a Roof Inspection? The answer is YES!

Fall roof inspections are a great way to prepare for winter.

With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, now is an important time for home owners to ensure that their roofing system will withstand the upcoming weather. Heavy snow loads and ice buildup can cause significant roof problems, making fall an essential time to have a residential roof inspection.

The following is a list of specific issues that are common due to the seasonal changes:


Debris such as fallen leaves and branches can create real problems. Leaves and debris often clog gutters, downspouts, and roof drains, leaving stagnant water idle before the frozen temperatures lock the debris in place and completely clog drainage systems in the winter. The longer the water stays on the roof the more likely it is to penetrate the roof system. Ensuring these drains & systems are regularly cleaned and debris removed is vital.


Without a proper roof inspection in the fall, your roof may be susceptible to major damage during the winter months. Ultimately conducting a fall roof inspection will save you time and money in the long run. If roof problems are neglected in the fall, the cold months can bring about many major issues. If you’re still uncertain whether or not your roof system needs replaced prior to the winter months, contact us and we can have one of our roof technicians conduct a full roof inspection.

Roof Proposal

Roof Proposal

Why is My Roof Proposal Higher than My Neighbor's?

When calculating a roof proposal total, there is much more involved than the size of the roof. When comparing roof estimates with friends, family, and neighbors, here are a few things to keep in mind:


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Additional layers of roofing raises the price. When the layers are removed, this calculates more waste. The removal of multiple layers is more labor intensive. There is also a higher cost for disposing of old shingles. Most townships will only allow two layers of shingles on a roof. Sometimes an older roof may even have three. An additional charge is always added for multiple layers. So if your roof has two layers and your neighbor's has one, all other things being equal, your roof estimate might be higher since we have to remove more layers from your roof.


Some homeowners may opt to cut corners and install a second layer of shingles without removing the first layer. However, if you have a problem with your roof, adding another layer of shingles will not solve it. In order to replace damaged plywood, shingles must be removed. Many times rotting plywood is impossible to spot until shingles have been removed. Flashing systems on vulnerable areas or sidewalls cannot be installed correctly on a second layer of shingles. A reputable shingle manufacturer will not extend their warranties to overlaid shingles, as adding a second layer will drastically decrease the life of the roof.



Many roofs built before the 1950s have a material underneath called "cedar shake". Current building code does not allow shingles to be nailed to cedar shake. The cedar is not a good nailable surface and will cause shingle loss. Because of this, all cedar shakes must be removed and new wood underlayment must be installed. When getting pricing to replace a roof with this underlayment, the price for all new plywood is included. Removing cedar is a very labor intensive process and takes much longer than roofs that already have plywood.



While it is impossible to determine with absolute certainty if any plywood will need to be replaced, a roof that has far surpassed its life expectancy may show signs of rotting plywood. A reputable roofing company will inspect the roof and attic (if possible) before providing a proposal. If the plywood shows obvious signs of rot, the roofer will include plywood in the cost of the roofing job.




If two houses are both roughly 1,200 square feet but one has a steep roof and one has a more gradual slope, the roof with the steeper pitch will be more expensive. A roof with a steeper pitch needs more shingles, as it has a larger surface area. Calculations of roof estimates are done by the overall surface area of the roof. Although interior surface area may be the same, the steeper roof is actually larger.


Additional Services

Although it may seem obvious, it is important to take into consideration if any additional work will be done along with the roof. Very often when roofs are replaced, homeowners will opt to have additional work done, since it's a good opportunity to have everything done in one shot. Comparing a roof estimate with someone who also had gutters done will show a difference.

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All of these factors can contribute to differences in roof replacement cost. If you are wondering what it would cost to replace your roof, just give us a call at 717-898-6000! Our estimates are easy, low pressure, and free to homeowners. We find it important to take as little or as much time as you need to feel comfortable with understanding the roof replacement process and products.

Fall Installation

Fall Installation

We may still be in the dog days of summer, but fall is just on the horizon. It’s a great time for many homeowners to start looking at various maintenance tasks that need to be completed before winter comes.

Does the thought of another winter with your leaky roof bring you a sense of dread?

It’s a good idea to start thinking about replacing your roof, particularly since the fall season is the best time to do it! Here are some reasons why fall is the best time of the year to perform a roof replacement.

The Technical Side

A roof replacement project is comprised of several aspects, some of which require specific environmental conditions to yield the best results. When a roofing contractor installs new shingles on the roof, for example, they require some time to create a sealed, airtight barrier between the inside and the outside. The shingles protect your interior from harsh weather, so this step is critical to the overall successful installation of the roof. By having a roof replacement project done in the fall, the shingles get plenty of time to create this seal before the winter’s first snowfall.

The Human Side

Roofing contractors do their best work during the fall season. The weather isn’t hot and oppressive like it is during the summer, so the roofing professional is able to complete a lot of work on your roof without the risk of heat exhaustion. This allows them to complete the job more efficiently, installing the materials under optimal conditions.

Peace of Mind

Best of all, a roof replacement can ease your mind as the winter approaches. Small leaks and other problems can often lead to more serious structural problems during the winter. The added weight of a major snowfall can lead to a world of trouble for homeowners with roofs in less than stellar shape.

If you think your roof may need to be replaced soon, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Greenawalt Roofing to have one of our roofing professionals assess your situation.

Let Greenawalt Roofing Handle Your Roof Replacement Project This Fall!

Siding Curb Appeal

Siding Curb Appeal

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Old style aluminum siding can be easily dented or buckled from age and normal wear and tear. Since vinyl siding is now the norm, replacement boards of aluminum siding can be very difficult to find. Over time, aluminum siding can "bake" in the sun. This can cause a chalky residue to build up on the siding. The sun can also alter the color of the siding. Vinyl siding is much more durable and will not dent the way aluminum does. It holds it color and will never need to be painted. Certainteed's Mainstreet vinyl siding is a good value with the benefits of premium panel. They are available in woodgrain clapboard and dutchlap, and brushed beaded and clapboard styles.

New vinyl siding can make a world of difference in the appearance of your home. Listed below are two fine detail options to add along with your new siding.

White Corner Posts

Installing white corner posts may be the way to go when looking to give your siding an update. New white corner posts can be installed right over your old corner posts. This is also a great way to have white downspouts blend in, instead of being an eyesore. Although this is a simple project, it is best to have a professional siding installer take care of it for you.

Siding Accents

New siding styles can help add texture and appealing accents to your home. These styles of siding can be installed on the entire house or one specific area. Adding scallops or vinyl shakes adds instant curb appeal.