How does weather affect my roof?

Hail damage 497x350.jpg

Heavy thunderstorms and hail can create problems for your roof. After a particular bad storm, make sure to check if your shingles are loose or missing. Another major sign that there is roof damage, is that your shingles are lifted or curling. Also, check your ceiling for any water stains or ceiling warping. Another important thing to check after a storm is the gutter system remains intact and if it is damaged in any way that is room for concern. Just remember when you are checking your home for damage after a storm, do not walk on your roof! It can be weak in spots where it was not before.

If you do spot any of these occurrences in your roof, make sure to call us in order to come do a thorough roof inspection. We will be able to size up the exact damage and tell you how to move forward without, causing any further damage. It is imperative you have your roof checked quickly and thoroughly. Here at Greenawalt Roofing, we pride ourselves on being responsive so that you know your roof is in good hands.