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Home Maintenance During The Fall

Home Maintenance During The Fall


The cold months are just around the corner. Before they arrive, you want to ensure that you have made the necessary preparations for the winter that will protect your home from unwanted damage. Fall home maintenance can also go a long way to keep you and your family warm when the cold temperatures arrive. Here are some fall preventative home maintenance measures that you should put in effect to gear up for the cold weather.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts can accumulate leaves and debris, and if not removed, can lead to wood rot issues, pest infestations and ultimately damaged gutters. You also want water to drain freely and not flow behind the gutters, and also ensure that support brackets are securely in place. Pooling can have a damaging effect on your foundations.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 10.45.58 AM.png

Check Windows and Doors

Make the rounds and remove summer screens, and install cool weather storm windows and doors. Do a thorough check of windows to uncover any damage that needs repair. Seal windows and doors with stripping or caulking to prevent drafts that could cause heating bills to soar.

Inspect Heating Systems

Don’t wait for winter to arrive to discover that there is an issue with your heating system.

Hire a heating professional to perform an inspection of your heating system to ensure optimal performance at a time when you need it the most. You’ll be made aware of any problems that need to be addressed before they balloon into expensive repairs.

Prepare Your Plumbing

Protect both indoor and outdoor pipes by insulating them, which can prevent heat from escaping and stress on your plumbing system. This will also prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, which could do significant damage. Detect and stop leaks, and check your water heater and drain it of any sediments. You want your plumbing in tip-top shape before the cold brings freezing temperatures.

Greenawalt Roofing Company can help you identify potential problems and fix them before they become costly. We have the expertise needed to prepare your home for the cold months ahead. Call today for your FREE estimate, 717-898-6000.

Knowing when it's time to replace your roof

Knowing when it's time to replace your roof

Is it time to replace your current roof? Most people don’t think about replacing their roof until it’s too late and a leak has developed inside their home. If a leak has made itself visible inside the home, it likely has caused some additional damage to the roof deck itself as well as the drywall inside of the home. No one wants this to happen to their home. Before your current composite roof reaches the point of no return look for these signs that it might be time to consider a roof replacement.

First, take a moment and really look at the roof itself.

  • Does your roof have multiple layers of material?

  • Are any of the composite shingles starting to look old and worn?

  • Are there any areas of the roof that appear to be sagging?

  • Do any of the shingles look like they are curling at the edges?

  • Are there any areas where there are low, or no, granules left on the shingles itself?

  • Can you see the paper underlayment instead of the actual shingles?

  • Are there any areas where there are loose or missing shingles?

Any and all of these are signs that it’s time to have someone come out and look at the roof for possible repairs or replacement.

All the precipitation that we have here in the winter and summer months wears on your roof. Take a moment and think back to when the current roof was installed on the home. If your roof was installed before the early 2000’s it might be time to have someone come and inspect the roof for a possible replacement.



Fall in love with your home's exterior

Fall in love with your home's exterior

Fall leaves home yard.png

Fall is one of the best times of the year for decorating the home. From pumpkins and corn husks to friendly scarecrows and rich colored mums, fall is all about dressing up your home’s exterior. If you are looking to make some new exterior changes, here are some quick tips to improve your overall curb appeal. The outside of your home is the first thing others see and there are plenty of simple changes you can make to fall in love with your exterior.

Liven your Landscaping: It is important to go above and beyond when landscaping your home. A planned landscape can make your home go from dud to stud at a relatively low cost. Putting down new sod can make your exterior shine. Also, using planters and flower beds can add much needed colors and interest to your house. Landscaping can make or break a home's curb appeal.

Add interest with Accents: Update the details! New house numbers, a fresh mail box, and luxurious light fixtures can be simple updates that give your house a fresh face. It can also create charm and differentiate your house from the rest of the neighborhood.


Wow with Windows: Making sure your windows are up to par is essential in having an exquisite exterior. While replacing older windows can be costly, it is an investment worth looking into. Updated windows and matching window treatments will give your exterior the finishing touches.

Perk up with Paint: One of the simplest ways to change the persona of your house is with a fresh coat of paint. If your home has fiber cement siding, changing the color will be a breeze and will remain looking beautiful for years to come! Be sure to find a color that pairs nicely with the other building materials used on your home. Also, stay on trend with the colors and tones throughout your neighborhood. It is important that your home does not look drastically different from the surrounding houses.

cedar siding certainteed.jpg

Stand out with Siding: A fix that is guaranteed to give an entire new look to your house is replacing the siding. It is an update that will not only make your home beautiful, but also add value for resale. At Greenawalt Roofing, we recommend and install CertainTeed siding products. The company offers vertical siding, horizontal siding, shake and shingle siding for the look of shake without the maintenance and even insulated siding with the look of natural wood that can help reduce your heating and cooling bills.

These are just a few tips to help you fall in love with your exterior, but there are always more updates to make.

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There should be at least two people involved with a roof decorating project at all times. The second person can act as a spotter on the ground to hold the ladder and watch for potential hazards, or he or she can provide extra support on the roof itself. If an accident does occur, having a second person on site will give you the best chance at getting help as quickly as possible.


Discolored roof shingles or areas with missing shingles are accidents waiting to happen. These areas usually have weak substructure from leaking or general wear and tear. Before you walk on your roof, check for any areas that may have damage. Avoid stepping on these parts of the roof. Greenawalt Roofing Company would be more than happy to come out and assess your roof for you during a professional roof inspection.


Before you put electrical cords or lights on your roofing, make sure they are working and in good condition. Frayed wiring could easily set fire to your roof shingles, or they could damage the rest of your decorations from a shock or short in the wires. Even if you have used the same decorations year after year, you still need to look over them thoroughly before installing them on your roof.

Note: You should ALWAYS use outdoor lighting for your Halloween decorations. Indoor lighting is not designed to withstand the elements and could get damaged in a rain storm.


One of the easiest ways to protect plugs for outdoor Halloween lighting is to wrap the intersecting areas with electrical tape. If you are plugging one cord into another, you can use electric tape to cover both parts of the plugs so water cannot get in between. You can always pull the tape off when you put the cords away for the year, but this will keep them safe outside.

Avoid hanging lights in areas where rain is likely to build up, like the edge of your gutters or the valleys in your roofing. You may also have a part of your roof that is more vulnerable to snow build-up than other areas based on how the wind hits it during a snowstorm. If you know of spots like this on your roofing, you should adjust your decorating plans to bypass that.


Your ladder should be sturdy, secure, and at least three feet taller than the entry point for your roofing. Make sure that there is someone at the base of the ladder to hold it while you climb up onto the roof. Approach the roofing from a damage-free area to ensure that the roof can hold your weight when you reach the top.


If you cannot complete your Halloween roof decorations on your own, don’t risk it. You can hire professionals to decorate your roofing for you because they are sure to have the tools and equipment to get the job done right. Protect yourself and your family by requesting professional help when you need it, and your house is sure to be the talk of the block this Halloween!




Just like any other house, townhouses are susceptible to roof damage. Deciding who is responsible for your roof replacement is the first step towards scheduling its replacement and maintenance. Unlike standalone houses, multiple parties such as your neighbors or the homeowner’s association are involved.


Here are a few roofing tips relating to HOA properties.

Is it your property or do you rent?
If you are a tenant, roofing issues are your landlord’s problem. However, you will need to report the problem immediately so that you do not end up violating your lease terms. Always communicate any damage or issue with your townhouse roof so that issues are attended to before they magnify.

Is the HOA involved?
If you own or rent a townhouse within a community, the chances are high that you pay HOA dues. The dues you pay are meted out for varying reasons depending on the terms and conditions of the HOA agreement. Home improvements such as maintenance, and roof replacements are some of the reasons for HOA dues. If roof repairs, maintenance, and improvements are covered under the agreement, report the problem to the HOA administration. In most cases, they will send a reputable roofing contractor to review the roof’s damage and come up with an estimate. The organization may also initiate total roof replacement for the whole rental building, especially if you are not the only tenant with a leaking roof.

What if roof issues are not covered under the HOA agreement?
In this case, roof repair costs fall squarely on you. You may be covered by your home insurance policy if the roof issues are as a result of natural calamities. If the damage is as a result of the normal wear and tear, it may be time to schedule its replacement. Leaving the problem for too long may cause water damage not only in your home but also in your neighbors’. Even before there’s an issue with your roof, establish who is responsible for roof replacements and maintenance by familiarizing yourself with the HOA agreement. In the absence of an HOA agreement, you will need to contact a reputable roofing contractor.



Greenawalt Roofing Company provides exceptional roofing and full exterior services for homeowners and business owners. From the roof to the gutters to siding, windows and doors, we are your one-call solution for any exterior need. Contact us today for your FREE estimate, 717-898-6000 or 610-779-3111.


Fall Roof Replacements

Fall is a great time for many homeowners to start looking at various maintenance tasks that need to be completed before winter comes.


It’s a good idea to start thinking about replacing your roof, particularly since the fall season is the best time to do it! Here are some reasons why fall is the best time of the year to perform a roof replacement.


A roof replacement project is comprised of several aspects, some of which require specific environmental conditions to yield the best results. When a roofing contractor installs new shingles on the roof, for example, they require some time to create a sealed, airtight barrier between the inside and the outside. The shingles protect your interior from harsh weather, so this step is critical to the overall successful installation of the roof. By having a roof replacement project done in the fall, the shingles get plenty of time to create this seal before the winter’s first snowfall.


Roofing contractors do their best work during the fall season. The weather isn’t hot and oppressive like it is during the summer, so the roofing professional is able to complete a lot of work on your roof without the risk of heat exhaustion. This allows them to complete the job more efficiently, installing the materials under optimal conditions.


Best of all, a roof replacement can ease your mind as the winter approaches. Small leaks and other problems can often lead to more serious structural problems during the winter. The added weight of a major snowfall can lead to a world of trouble for homeowners with roofs in less than stellar shape.

If you think your roof may need to be replaced soon, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Greenawalt Roofing to have one of our roofing professionals assess your situation.





As a homeowner, it’s safe to assume you know the color of your roof. But do you know the color of your next-door neighbors’ roof? Or how about three doors down? The color of your roof has more relevance than just aesthetic appeal.  The color of your roof shingles can affect the overall efficiency of your utilities throughout the year. This article will help shed some light on the benefits of having either light or dark colored shingles.

660 Golden Eagle Way - Weathered Wood - IMG_3120.jpg

How do Light Shingles Affect Your Home?One of the most important things to realize about roof shingles, is they are your roofs’ first line of defense against harsh UV rays from the sun. The light-colored shingles help to reflect heat rays more than they absorb. That might not sound like such a big deal, but you can save a lot of money in the long run, especially during summertime. This will result in your air conditioner using less energy, which means less money spent on utility bills. If you live in an area that is prone to lots of sunshine and heat, it might be worth it to consider getting a lighter colored roof, if you don’t have one already.

668GoldenEagleWay - Charcoal Black - IMG_3126.jpg

How do Dark Shingles Affect your Home?Since light shingles reflect heat, its only logical that dark shingles absorb it. This fact might not make dark colored roofs ideal for sunny states. However, it would make them ideal for places that don’t get as much sun, or that have long winters. Just like light shingles help lower utility bills in the summer, dark shingles can do the exact same thing in winter.  During the fall and winter months, they can help lower your monthly heating bills, by absorbing the heat from direct sunlight. Since they can absorb heat, that means that they can help melt the snow off your roof faster, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. For the dark shingles to absorb the heat, they must have direct exposure to the sun. This can be a problem in the winter months, as the days seem shorter due to lack of sunshine.

Should You Get Light or Dark Shingles?

The easiest way to decide which color of shingle to have installed is to consult with a reputable roofing agency. A technician can come out and go over the options, pros and cons for your area and so forth. It is also largely based on your personal preference and any restrictions you might have from your HOA. Another thing to consider is how a dark roof might benefit your family in the spring and fall months. Depending on where you live, there might not be much snow during these times. This will mean more exposure to the sunlight, which will help to heat your home in a natural way.

Ultimately, it is up to you when choosing between light and dark shingles. If you have questions about what color shingles you should put on your house, contact us today! We would be more than happy to help you on your home improvement journey.

Tamko Shingle Colors

CertainTeed Colors


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Have you checked your home’s windows and gutters recently? It’s the perfect time of year to get those projects completed before the harsh winter weather hits.


Replacing your gutters and windows may be advantageous for a number of reasons. Making these exterior improvements can save time and money you would otherwise have to spend on costly future repairs, and it can give your home’s energy efficiency a big boost. New, modern gutters and windows can also drastically increase the longevity of your home, while giving it a fresh new look.

Replacing windows and gutters is a significant project; one that will require a substantial investment depending on the improvement you are wanting to make. Also, there are a lot of contractors and retail stores out there, so just be sure to do your research before making an investment. Choosing high-quality materials and the right professional installer usually yield optimal results. It helps to ensure that your new gutters and windows will provide a long and useful life of service, while enhancing your home’s overall appearance.

gutter guards.png

When choosing the right gutter replacement, be sure to ask a lot of questions in regards to style, material used, and what colors are available. Also, ask about leaf protection systems that they offer. This addition may add to the overall cost of the project, however will save you time and money later on.

When compared to selecting gutters, choosing the right windows is a bit more complicated. Window styles will have a big impact on the appearance of your home. No matter which style you prefer, always pick a window with the best energy efficiency rating.

Before selecting a company to hire, do some comparison shopping. Ask neighbors and friends who recently completed work on their homes. They should be more than happy to discuss companies they have used. In addition, companies in your area should have a list of previous clients who are satisfied with their work.


Always verify that your prospective contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. The contractor should be able to provide that information to you very easily. Also, make sure the company has workman’s comp and liability insurance coverage. If they don’t have adequate insurance, you could be held financially liable in the event of an accident or injury that occurs on your property.

When choosing gutters or windows, it’s best to select a contractor with good references, an excellent reputation and insurance coverage. Replacing your gutters and windows with quality products will enhance the value of your home.


Preparing for Autumn

Preparing for Autumn

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting cooler. The kids are trudging off to school again with their backpacks, and leaves are falling from the trees. Fall is here. Now’s the time to finish up any last-minute maintenance projects and get your home and yard ready. Get your home ready for the cool days to come.

Leaf Buildup On Roof

As we begin buttoning up our jackets, we should give thought to doing the same for our homes. Before the first freeze, here are a few things you should do to prepare your roof for the cold, wet weather ahead.

Trim The Trees

Most species of trees grow steadily all year long. Those tiny branches hanging barely above the roof could become a real nuisance by the time spring is here. Trimming back any branches near the house now can help prevent damage, as well as reduce the volume of leaves that will fall on the roof within a few weeks.

Clean Your Gutters

You may not associate the summer months with clogged gutters and downspouts, but don’t be tricked by Mother Nature. Summer storms may have driven leaves, needles, twigs, and other debris into your gutter system. As the autumn leaves begin to collect on your roof and in the gutter system, there is a greater risk that they will block the downspouts. Rain water then overflows the gutter, and can damage your trim and siding. With the added weight of soggy, decaying leaves and water buildup, there’s also a chance the gutters could actually pull loose from their anchor points and collapse.

Bottom gutter.png

Clear Off Any Debris

It’s equally important that you remove leaves, evergreen needles, branches, and other debris from the full surface area of your roof. The gunk loves to collect in the valleys, the place where two roof-lines meet. Even the smallest deposits will hold moisture, and could lead to a mold and rot condition that may damage your roof. If you are experienced in walking on the roof, and feel confident, you should be able to remove any debris with a bristle broom or leaf blower.

Check For Damage & Deterioration

When your roof is cleaned, check the surface for missing or curled shingles. If yours is a tile roof, you’ll be looking for some that may be loose or cracked. Leaks often begin at the flashing around vent stacks, chimneys, and skylights. If you discover any defects, or areas that may be suspect, this is the time to have a roofer check the integrity of the roof, before the heavy rain begins. A damaged or deteriorating roof could produce leaks when the rains come, and also drive up energy costs as temperatures drop.

Check The Attic Insulation & Ventilation

You will also want to take a peek in the attic. Here you’re looking for areas where moisture has built up, and excessive heat. It’s a good idea to check the vents, to make sure none of the local critters have found a refuge from the elements. Also when heat is allowed to build up in the attic, it can lead to condensation buildup and moisture damage. Attic heat can also cause the formation of ice dams in the winter. This invites leaks when snow accumulates on your roof. When the hot air has nowhere else to go, it can seep into the living space below, encouraging you to turn on the air conditioning during the cooler months.


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Hail Damage: How to spot it, and what to do next

Hail Damage: How to spot it, and what to do next

Thunderstorms are always a threat this time of year, but we are in the middle of an exceptionally stormy season in Lancaster County. Nearly every week has brought the threat of severe weather, from damaging winds and even tornadoes to flooding downpours and large hail.

While some storm damage is obvious – your basement is flooded or a large tree limb falls onto your home – other damage can be harder to detect. That is often the case with hail, especially when it comes to your roof.

That’s why it’s important to take these steps after a hail storm hits your neighborhood:


Don’t assume your roof is OK

Just because you can’t see a torn or missing shingle or a hole in your roof doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. While hail 2 inches and larger is almost guaranteed to cause visible damage, even hail smaller than a quarter can leave its mark on your asphalt shingles or protective metal flashing. Hail can crack shingles and loosen the granules that form their protective top layer, making them more vulnerable to additional damage in the future from storms or the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even the smallest puncture in your roof’s waterproofing layer can allow rainwater through the roof deck and into your attic, causing significant damage. And don’t forget: Hail damage can void the manufacturer’s warranty on your roof.

Consult a professional roofing contractor

Most homeowners lack the safety knowledge and roofing expertise to adequately inspect and repair a roof themselves. In fact, they can actually make matters worse. Choose a contractor who is Haag certified, meaning they have been specifically trained to inspect and assess roof damage. An experienced professional knows the difference between normal wear and tear and the damage caused by hail. They can detect hard-to-find damage, especially on textured roofing materials like dimensional or architectural shingles, and they can spot shallow dents in the outer roofing material that may be deep enough to bruise the waterproofing layer. 

Get an inspection

Professional roofing contractors are qualified to work directly with your insurance company to find the best options to get your roof back in shape. Once your roofing contractor inspects your roof, they can determine whether it should be repaired or replaced.

house with close up of hail damage.png

File an insurance claim

If your roofing contractor’s evaluation warrants filing an insurance claim, do it promptly. The insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to inspect the damage and process the claim. Make sure to schedule the adjuster’s visit at a time when your roofing contractor can also be present. An insurance adjuster will follow a home inspection checklist when determining the damage to your roof. Your roofing contractor will represent your interests and ensure that the adjuster is aware of all damages so you are only left paying your deductible. A hailstorm is considered an “act of God” and is covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies, no matter the age of the roof.

Get your roof back in shape

Once your claim is approved, it’s time to review the details of the insurance coverage with your roofing contractor and make sure you understand the work and the warranty your contractor will provide. With all your questions answered, you can sign a contract and get that new or repaired roof over your head.


Greenawalt Roofing is a CertainTeed
5-Star SELECT ShingleMaster and TAMKO Pro Certified contractor. Our Haag-certified storm team experts are trained
to inspect and assess hail damage. Call 717-898-6000 to schedule a free hail inspection with one of our hail damage experts.