Frequently Asked Questions: Hail Damage

Hailstorms can cause significant damage to your roof. Greenawalt Roofing Companys’ Haag certified and trained storm team experts answer common questions about our hail damage services below.



The nature of the damage caused by hailstorms is different than that of wind storms, hurricanes or impact from downed trees, therefore, requiring specific hail expertise. At Greenawalt Roofing Company, our team is trained to recognize hail damage and can work with your insurance to process the claims.


We Just Got Hit by a Hailstorm. Why Do I Need to Have It Checked?

Unlike many types of roofing damage, hail damage is not always obvious, especially if you have a textured roofing material such as dimensional or architectural shingles. The outer roofing material may have shallow dents that aren’t readily visible. If these dents are deep enough to “bruise” the waterproofing layer, the smallest puncture could allow rainwater through the roof deck and into the attic, causing significant water damage.

Can’t I Just Inspect My Own Roof?

While you may think you can save some money by going the DIY route with your roof inspection and repairs, doing so is ill-advised. Most homeowners lack the safety knowledge and in-depth roofing expertise to do the job properly and might even make matters worse. Experienced professionals like us know how to conduct a roof inspection safely and thoroughly and can offer the most appropriate solutions.

What Happens After Greenawalt InspectS My Roof?

Our team will conduct a comprehensive inspection. We will then discuss our findings with you. Call your insurance company to set up a claim for suspected hail damage. The insurance company will send out an adjuster to check out the damage, and decide whether or not to approve the claim. Tell your insurance company that Greenawalt Roofing Company has permission to speak with them regarding the claim, and that a Greenawalt representative will be coming to the appointment. Greenawalt Roofing Company will meet with your insurance adjuster, making sure all hail damage doesn't go unnoticed. Once the insurance company approves the claim, Greenawalt Roofing Company can start getting your home back to normal. Our team will be in contact with the insurance company and the homeowner throughout the entire process.

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