Commercial Roofing In Lancaster, PA

Installation, repair and maintenance of commercial roofs

Greenawalt Roofing Company specializes in the installation and maintenance of roofs for commercial buildings. Commercial buildings have different needs based on the type of roof. Our experienced team understands that each roofing system and building is unique.

Many commercial buildings in the south central PA area feature single-ply roofing systems with EPDM (rubber) being a popular choice. Other common commercial building roof types include thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), SBS modified bitumen and built-up and liquid-applied coatings and membranes.


Regardless of what roofing system your building has, Greenawalt Roofing Company is here to help.

We will visit your building and perform a thorough inspection, identifying areas of concern and provide a full report and estimate for repairs or replacement. Our team understands that replacing a commercial roof can be cost prohibitive. We won’t try to sell you a roof replacement if your building doesn’t need one. Expect an honest assessment as to whether your existing roof can be repaired in order to extend its service life.

Regular roof maintenance is a good idea to extend the service life and performance of your commercial roof. Greenawalt is happy to discuss your roof maintenance needs and work with you to develop a plan that works for your building. Considerations for determining the best maintenance program include: the type of roofing system, age of the roofing system, amount of roof foot traffic (i.e. for HVAC access) and seasonal weather – it’s always a good idea for a checkup following any kind of extreme weather.

Should it be necessary to replace your roof, we will work with you to choose the best system based on your building’s needs and on your roofing budget.  We work with the major roofing manufacturers and can offer manufacturer warranties in addition to our own workmanship warranty that is standard with every job.



Commercial and residential roofs are different mainly in the size, as commercial buildings tend to be much larger. Commercial roofs are usually flat or made with a very low slope. Flat roofs require more frequent inspections and routine maintenance.

It’s important to consider a few factors when designing a commercial roof:

  • Large coverage area

  • Weight of equipment (such as HVAC units)

  • Potential for snow

  • Being made with a higher slope, residential roofs have less concern for such factors, though ice damming can be an issue.


Roofing Materials

Finding a roofing contractor specialized for commercial or residential roofing can be difficult. Thankfully, we are experienced and knowledgeable in both fields, and can help you choose the best roofing materials for the job at hand. Roofing materials can vary in cost for both commercial and residential applications, and not all products are created equal. While some products may be cheaper upfront, they will not last as long, and the maintenance required can easily be more expensive.

Whether a commercial or residential property, meeting the demands of your roofing system requires a professional, experienced, and qualified roofing expert. We are proud of our outstanding reputation, skilled installers, and quality workmanship.

While installing a roof on a residential property is a generally straightforward process, commercial roofing installation and repair requires more knowledgeable roofing contractors that can provide expert guidance.

We are able to provide service to both commercial and residential properties, thanks to our expert crew of skilled, professional roofers.