Window And Door Replacement

Providing window and door replacement for every home

Windows and doors are an important part of your home. Their job is to let in outside light, provide access to the outdoors and protect your home from the elements. They affect the aesthetic appearance and curb appeal of your home. A bold entry featuring a distinctive exterior door paired with a unique window style can be used to make an impactful statement.

Windows and doors also play a role in the energy efficiency of your home and with the right ones installed can lead to energy savings. The average lifespan of windows and doors can range anywhere from 25 – 50 years, depending on what they are made of and how hard they have worked protecting your home.

At Greenawalt Roofing, we can review all the options and styles to help you make the best choice for your home. We recommend and install MI windows and doors which are manufactured in the United States and backed by a Limited Lifetime Customer Assurance Warranty.

Window materials

Two common materials for windows and doors to be made from are aluminum and vinyl. Vinyl windows are the most popular choice and require very little maintenance. They are resistant to cracking and peeling and are available in many sizes and styles.  Aluminum is typically found in warmer parts of the country as they perform well under the sun’s intense heat.

Glass options

When choosing windows and doors, it’s important to consider the type of glass that you want in your windows. There are many options beginning with a simple, single-pane glass that is ideal for garages, sheds and unheated outbuildings.

Double pane windows have become the new standard in the industry featuring two panes of glass with air or gas between them to help insulate the home. Low-E coatings can be added to provide protection from UV rays. For extreme energy efficiency, a triple pane window can prevent heat transfer and provide excellent sound insulation.